Press Releases


About Press Releases

Press releases are short, factual news stories given to the media to encourage them to write about your company, product, or event. They are not to be confused with adverts or promotional pieces, so make sure there’s a genuinely newsworthy angle to everything you submit.

Ask yourself, why would people be interested in reading about Novum or its products? What makes you different and valuable? How can people be encouraged to interact with your company in a positive way?

Know your Audience

While you’re not writing directly for a particular target audience, you should understand a media outlet’s audience enough to know how to tailor your press release accordingly. The body of the press release will likely stay the same, but it’s a good idea to create a different headline and opening paragraph for each different publication.

Important Elements

  • Who / What / When / Where / Why / How
  • A clear and attention-grabbing headline
  • Third-person voice
  • Summary of story in opening paragraph
  • One story per press release
  • Eye-catching quote that says something worthwhile

Press Release Structure

The inverted pyramid structure is the best way to get the most important elements of your story across, without boring the media to death. Not everyone will be personally interested in Novum or its products, but they will be able to recognise a newsworthy story from a well-written press release.

An effective press release in 5 paragraphs:

  • Clear, concise headline 
  • Paragraph 1: A short summary of the story
  • Paragraph 2: The story in context – why is it important?
  • Paragraph 3: Details – who / how / when
  • Paragraph 4: Eye-catching quote to add information / credibility
  • Paragraph 5: Call to action – how people can find more details, buy the product, attend the event, etc.

Email Marketing

Most people enjoy sending emails more than receiving them, and we all know the feeling of hearing our phones buzz with yet another marketing newsletter. Your website visitors will be reluctant to leave their email addresses with you unless they trust you implicitly not to send them worthless messages or receive some sort of compensation for their troubles (e.g. free trials, monetary discounts, etc.).

There’s a reason for the golden rule of email marketing - “less is more”.

Types of Email Newsletters

  • Product & feature announcements
  • Regular monthly newsletters
  • Event invitations and information
  • Automated series (Getting Started with Novum Insights)


Important template elements:

  • From name – Novum Insights or a team name.
  • Subject line – tell, don’t sell, what’s inside. Use title case for subject lines.
  • Preheader text – remember that the first line of your email will appear beside your subject line in the inbox.
  • Email body – keep this short, concise, and relevant to your subject line.
  • Alt text for each image – some email clients will not load images by default.
  • Use a hierarchy – put the most important details first.
  • Call to action – make it clear what the reader should do next, and how.
  • Footer – this should include an unsubscribe link, a permission reminder, and a mailing address.


Not every subscriber is interested in every kind of email, and not all clients are at the same stage of their user journeys. Segment your subscribers into categories to help you deliver the most relevant content possible, thereby reducing low open rates and poor engagement.

Some examples of segmentation:

  • New sign-ups
  • New clients
  • Finance / technology / automotive / pharmaceutical clients
  • Active vs inactive users
  • Geographic location
  • Website behaviour

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