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Product news, industry news, data samples, blog posts, upcoming event teasers, past event highlights, media mentions, “we’re hiring!” posts


Product news, industry news, data samples, blog posts, upcoming event teasers, past event highlights, media mentions, “we’re hiring!” posts


Product news, data samples, blog posts, “we’re hiring!” posts, media mentions, upcoming event information Instagram: brand marketing, design updates, cool travel photos, team / office culture, data visualisations / graphs, upcoming event teasers, past event highlights


Product news, industry news, upcoming event information, community interaction


Keep it simple and to the point.

Even if there’s no character limit holding you back, it’s a good idea to keep social media posts short. Quality over quantity, as they say! Posts shouldn’t be longer than 1 – 2 sentences, with proper punctuation and as few contractions as possible (never use informal “text speak” like “2moro” or “u”).

When sharing blog posts or 3rd party articles, make sure to include:

  • A short quotation from the article – e.g. According to X, “investment in blockchain is up 300% from 2017, with no sign of slowing down”


  • A summary of the article content – e.g. Investment in blockchain is reported to be up 300% from 2017, with market analysts predicting similar patterns for the coming months.


  • The Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn handle of the author, as well as the handle of the publication (if any).


As a rule, you should always aim to engage with every post directed at Novum Insights, with the exception of obvious spam / trolling / nonsensical comments. Tone is important when dealing with particularly positive and negative messages, and professional objectivity will always pay off in the long term.

Should you receive any negative comments:

Never make comments about a person’s appearance, writing style, profession, gender, religion, etc.

Never get defensive about criticism of Novum Insights or its products and services.

Always express sympathy with a person who has a problem and try to offer a solution.

Always emphasise Novum’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are a useful way to categorise your posts and link in to trending topics, but not all platforms are created equal in this sense.

Instagram is powered almost entirely by hashtags. As long as yours are clear, relevant, and topical, you will see greater engagement over time compared to new accounts that don’t use them.

Twitter is great for trending topics and events, so keep the hashtags to a minimum outside of these two categories. If you’re hosting an event, make sure to include a custom event hashtag in all of your promotional tweets, and let your guests know on the day what they should be tweeting about.

Facebook tried to make hashtags a thing, but it never really took off. Use them very sparingly – custom event hashtags in all your promotional posts and event photos should be enough.

LinkedIn has a small but active community of content creators who have developed a number of hashtags that connect users through various content formats (videos, personal essays, professional advice, etc.). Find a campaign that suits your content and link your posts with that hashtag.


Always use high-resolution images across all social media platforms. Avoid low-quality screenshots, badly-lit photographs, and blurred or pixelated images.

Custom images made for events / announcements should be formatted according to the platform specifications. For an up-to-date list of recommended image sizes, see this guide.

How Often Should I Post?

Consistent posting patterns are important, but don’t make posts just for the sake of it. You will cultivate a better quality of follower if people trust you to share interesting content, so take the time to create an informative schedule over ad hoc tweeting.


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