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What we offer

A deep market monitor and research tool bringing together AI, Data Analytics, and human analysts to produce highly searchable, regularly refreshed data about emerging technology sectors.


Interactive data platform

Interactive data analysis tools allow you to drill down into the heart of your chosen metrics.


Bespoke analyst reports

Industry-leading market intelligence reports put the spotlight on complex technology spaces.


DOWNLOAD our overview of the STO market.

As part of our partnership with Frontier and DWorks and in celebration of the opening of their new hub in the City of London, we have produced a summary of our analysis on STOs.


Novum Insights Market Research

If you wish to find out more about our latest report on STOs or other detailed understanding of how companies are responding to new and emerging technologies, we would love to hear from you.

The Team

From traditional market research to machine learning and data science, our team has decades of experience on the front lines of corporate innovation.


Toby Lewis


David Henderson

Head of Operations

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David Scraggs

David Scraggs


Alberto De Capitani

Senior Data Engineer

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Vikrant Mansera


Jessica Kang

Business Executive

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"Novum Insights—which monitors around 9,000 companies in the blockchain and crypto sectors by tracking token trading as well as “signs of life” activity…"


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