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Novum Insights is a global market monitor of complex technology spaces. We track sectors like blockchain and cybersecurity to help you understand the market and make the right investments

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We offer a variety of services to our clients including


We produce industry leading market intelligence reports for complex technology spaces like blockchain


We use the cutting-edge of data science and machine learning to understand the market and pick the companies poised for success


We curate newsletters and alerts on current trends in the industry to keep you up to date and on the technology pulse


Companies tracked


Blockchain deals in 2017




Blockchain startups tracked


We look at complex technology spaces like


We are tracking blockchain startups and ICOs from the financial sector and far beyond


We are looking at the leading trends and startups in the fintech space


We are keeping tabs on the latest developments in the world of cyber security


We are exploring the world of both narrow and deep applications of AI


We are connecting to the vast potential of IoT from home to transport and beyond


We are watching new startups and trends coming from both VR and AR technology

2017 Novum Insights Blockchain Subscription

This report maps out how companies fit into the Blockchain ecosystem and provides a detailed understanding of what they are all doing.

We map out all technological areas of blockchain, with a detailed look at more than 2000 startups. We also unveil data on 1000 initial coin offerings, in the most extensive look at this hot new investment trend.

You can access the report by subscribing to our annual Novum Insights blockchain intelligence service.


Monthly intelligence updates

A quarterly telephone briefing by Novum Insights analysts on the latest tech trends

Access to the underlying aggregate data, so analysts can create their own materials

All the PDF images in the report

Executive Summary

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Who we are

An industry-­shaping team with decades of corporate innovation, big data, and technology experience

Toby Lewis
Toby Lewis CEO

Toby was the Chief Analytics Officer of Global Corporate Venturing and has extensive experience in corporate venture

Jeff Carlson
Jeff Carlson CIO

Jeff is an expert at managing, analyzing, and visualizing data in a wide range of forms, structure, and contents

Tim York
Tim York CTO

Tim has 20+ years experience helping companies implement and optimize their financial, operational, and data management systems

Antoine De Lombares
Antoine De Lombares CFO

With extensive startup CFO experience both in the US and Europe, Antoine has developed Novum’s financial model

Brenda Gonzalo
Brenda Gonzalo CMO

Brenda is structuring the business’s sales and marketing pipeline, and its connection to the data science and research effort

Martins Zeps
Martins Zeps Head of Operations

Martins has a background in analytics and entrepreneurship and is leading the research on complex financing mechanisms like ICOs

Oliver Bennett
Oliver Bennett Chief Research Analyst

Oliver has a background in corporate innovation and corporate venture capital research, now leading the research team in producing detailed market analysis and reports

Samuel King
Samuel King Chief Data Scientist

Sam is an expert in data science and machine learning, he is leading the team to develop data science applications for the business

Gordon Young
Gordon Young Head of business development

Gordon Young has 14 years experience working with startups with a broad combination of engineering knowledge and sales experience. Formerly a senior Cisco in Europe and Silicon Valley, Young has worked in multiple roles at startups starting their field operations

From traditional market research, to novel data insights and on the pulse alerts, we cover it all.

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